Webster Road slip lanes Update #5 – November 22

I made a Right to Information request for the Webster Road project documents at the start of June, and the documents finally came back in late August – you can read them here.

While the documents – unsurprisingly – show that no alternative to slip lane signalisation was ever acknowledged, much less considered, at Webster Road, perhaps the most important admission is not in the documents themselves, but in the Decision Notice. My RTI request specifically asked for information the Department holds concerning “what the safety and compliance implications of the chosen treatment are”, and the Department confirmed in the DN they “do not hold documents related to [this] as the project basis was to comply with the department’s Road Safety Policy.” In other words, confirmation that there is nothing underpinning the idea of signalised crossings as a safety treatment, besides the Department’s desire to continue building and operating slip lanes.

Meanwhile, the correspondence continues: